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This story is about an orphan named An Tiem who was adopted and raised by a king. When An Tiem grew up and was getting married, he refused the king's presents by saying, "A gift is a worry. A present is a debt." An Tiem's words made the king so angry that he ordered An Tiem's family to be exiled to a deserted island. With hard work and determination, An Tiem's family not only survived the hardship of the island, but also discovered and successfully grew a new kind of plant.. Find out what kind of plant An Tiem found and why the king was happy to let An Tiem and his family back!

- 15 pages of touchable picture-word association.
- Touch on any word to hear its pronunciation.
- Highlighted narration to encourage learning.
- Fun animations with sound effects on every page. 
- Play the animations over and over with the "Camera" button.
- Read-to-me or read-by-myself options.
- Skip/Jump to any page as needed. 

Good for kids ages 3 and up. Compatible with iPhone/iPad.
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