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PHP Slideshow v2.0 by Brian Mahler

Once there lived a wise king who governed with love and fairness. One day, the king summoned his many sons to the palace and said, "Who among you can bring me the most delicious and meaningful food? I will appoint that person future king." The 18th son of the king, named Tiet Lieu, was a thoughtful and loving son. Let's find out what kind of food Tiet Lieu brought that made the king happy enough to choose Tiet Lieu as future king.

- 10 pages of touchable picture-word association.
- Fun animation with sound effects on every page.
- Read-to-me or read-by-myself options.
- Highlighted narration.
- Skip/Jump to any page as needed.
- Show/Hide text for better viewing.

Compatible with iPhone/iPad.
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