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"Starfruit For Gold" is about two brothers with two different personalities. The older brother, Lam, is greedy, while the younger brother, Linh, is very generous. They both have a chance to visit a cave full of treasures and are told to bring a three-foot bag with them to take home the gold. Let's find out what happens to each of them and why being greedy is not good!
This story will teach kids not to be greedy and encourage them to be generous.

- 14 pages of touchable picture-word association.
- Touch any word to hear its pronunciation.
- Highlighted narration to encourage learning.
- Fun animations with sound effects on every page. 
- Play the animations over and over with the "Camera" button.
- Read-to-me or read-by-myself options.
- Skip/Jump to any page as needed.

Designed for children ages 3-8. Compatible with iPhone/iPad.
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