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PHP Slideshow v2.0 by Brian Mahler

Toad Sues God is a folktale from Vietnam that explains the reason why it rains whenever a toad grinds his teeth. The story illustrates the courage demonstrated by a toad and his friends, who risk their lives as they journey to heaven to ask God why he hasn't made it rain for a long time. The moral of the story is to remind children that all living creatures, despite their appearances, have important purposes in nature.
Also, the punishment for harming a toad is "humorously" recorded in a poem which can be found only at the end of the story!

- 15 pages of touchable picture-word association.
- Fun animation with sound effects on every page.
- Read-to-me or read-by-myself options.
- Highlighted narration.
- Play animation over and over with the "Camera" button.
- Skip/Jump to any page.
- Tap on any word to hear its pronunciation.
- Tap on any object to hear its pronunciation and spelling.

Designed for children ages 3-8. Compatible with iPhone/iPad.
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